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Farmington River Water Quality Project

Maintaining Water Quality in the Farmington River "Clean and safe water to drink, bathe and recreate in is paramount to human health and human spirit."

Residents of the Watershed depend on a source of clean, safe drinking water. Yet this most basic human need will be increasingly hard to supply unless we continue to take action to protect this amazing water resource that the Farmington River provides. Through the collection of credible water quality data we identify existing high and low water quality conditions and work with residents, towns and the state to maintain clean waterways and improve streams where water quality is in decline. 

Following the release of the "State of the Watershed" report which includes an analysis of water quality, impediments to flow, and other stressors on the River and its tributaries, FRWA’s Water Quality Monitoring Project was launched in 2004.

The Water Quality Monitoring Program is designed to assess the "health" of the Farmington River by working with partners and volunteers to:

  • establish a baseline of water quality information.
  • identify long and short term changes in water quality and land use.
  • involve and educate residents of the Watershed.

The components of monitoring will broaden our understanding of the health of the Farmington River and its tributaries, encourage volunteer involvement and increase community awareness.

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