Request for Proposals: Scientific Study Archive

Application Deadline is February 6, 2023

The Farmington River Coordinating Committee (FRCC) is the all-volunteer body that implements the Upper Farmington River Comprehensive River Management Plan for the Wild & Scenic Farmington River. As part of that plan, the committee is charged with stewarding the natural and cultural components of the river corridor designated Wild & Scenic by Congress, from Colebrook to Canton. Over the decades, the FRCC has commissioned studies and contributed to others that have helped protect and enhance the Farmington River and influenced the actions and decisions of towns and other organizations in the river valley. To continue to successfully meet their mission, the FRCC must have reliable access to data, solid analysis, and a simple way to call up this information when making decisions about the river. The FRCC is thus seeking someone to conduct a comprehensive search, annotation, and cataloging of studies of the natural resources of the river valley. Additionally, a brief report is desired that describes what research has been conducted and when, and names the gaps among these studies along with recommendations for filling those gaps with new research.

Approximate Start Date: February 27, 2023