Farmington River Education Programs

Kids at Farmington River during summer

Providing education and resources to our community and schools is an important part of restoring and protecting the Farmington River. From lesson plans designed for elementary, middle and high school to online activities, publications, canoe trips and more, the FRWA is committed to providing a variety of resources to help teach the public about the river.

Kids learning about Farmington River
Educational programs

If you want to help the river, it’s important to know where, and what, its problems are. FRWA gathers information that can lead to action. Our research and mapping projects assist planners, policymakers, watershed residents and river users.

We’ve also helped develop free, river-based Online Lesson Plans for elementary, middle, and high school teachers! These professionally-developed lesson plans complement state standards and bring the amazing history, culture, and ecology of the Farmington Valley into the classroom.

Publications & Resources

Our Farmington River Guide offers a wealth of up-to-date information on boating, fish and wildlife, historic features and geologic structures. We also produce the FRWA News, a quarterly newsletter reporting on current river issues and opportunities to get involved in our work.

Bird standing on rock
Farmington River

Clean water starts with you! The River Smart pledge is a way to increase awareness and effect behavior change that can positively reduce the levels of polluted runoff into our streams, rivers, and ultimately Long Island Sound.

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