Hands-On Stewardship Opportunities

Stewardship members of the Farmington River

If you want to help the river, it’s important to know where, and what, its problems are. FRWA gathers information that can lead to action. We also engage in hands-on stewardship such as fish habitat restoration, reduction of stormwater runoff, and re-vegetating streambanks with native plants.

Habitat Study & Restoration

The Farmington River system is a world of fish, invertebrates, and plants living in stream corridors that run right through our world of roads, dams, culverts, downtowns, industrial areas, and neighborhoods.

To keep this river community thriving, we need to understand and document the effects of our world on theirs, and consistently take action to preserve or restore good stream habitat.

David Sinish Memorial Recreation Access Fund

The David Sinish Memorial Recreation Access Fund to honor the memory and achievements of David Sinish in the work of protecting the Farmington River, by increasing the number and types of people enjoying paddlesports.

Invasive Species Management

The FRWA works with our partners on Invasive Species Management Projects, including invasive plant removals, aquatic invasive plant removals, hemlock woolly adelgid controls, and more information.
Frey Property

FRWA received a major gift from the Estate of Lily Frey of  beautiful riverside land in New Hartford and a $150,000 endowment to help fund its conservation. Much of the 13 acres of land along the river consists of meadow habitat - which have become increasingly rare in Connecticut.

This property is an important habitat for a variety of wildlife. Birds, pollinators, bears, deer, foxes, otters, and more have been sighted at our new property. With this observation, FRWA has established a land stewardship committee to determine the best care for the property in regards to wildlife, native plants, and the health of the river.

Wild animal at Farmington River during winter

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